Celebrating Food Safety Week 2016

Chopping Vegetables

This year marks the 20th annual Australian Food Safety Week which runs from 6-12th November. The theme this year is ‘Raw and Risky Foods’, of particular significance given recent outbreaks linked to unpasteurised milk, raw eggs and frozen berries.

In Australia and New Zealand food standards are regulated by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. The Food Safety Information Council however, is an Australian charity dedicated to the promotion of consumer-targeted food safety information. If in doubt of what do in the instance of food poisoning or for tips on how to prevent food poisoning in the home the Food Safety Information Council has a large library of resources to help.

You might also be happy to know that JAS-ANZ is dedicated to food safety and security at the accreditation level and offers a broad spectrum of food safety schemes. To find information on the individual schemes, click the links below, to find whether an organisation is certified by one of our Accredited Conformity Bodies, please visit the register.